Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Great Email

I love the poetic way Gina describes the spider walking on her arm. I wish I was game enough to let a large spider walk on my arm!!

Hi Glen,
I have always been a protector and lover of spiders although I also have great respect for them. Once a year we have a 'Yebbo Goggo' day at the Witwatersrand University here in Johannesburg. The Spider Club of South Africa is always present. Last year I allowed a Rainspider . I think the latin name is Paleistis (housespider) walk over my arm. She was very large - atleast six cm in diameter when she walked and her body about half the size of my thumb. I was stiff with fear BUT I will never forget the experience because I have never ever in my life felt such a beautiful touch. Its like a cloud with definate little touches, walking over you. I will never forget it. No human being, not the wind not even a snowflake can touch you like that. It is indiscribably beautiful.
Thanks for the great website. I belong to Toastmasters and am preparing a speech on spiders with the hope of informing people positively.
Regards Gina