Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter is coming in the US so the number of queries from there are getting less. Great to see photos coming from other countries, especially Australia where I do live! It's funny the difference between people of different countries - Americans seem to jump online for everything while Australians seem to be slower to do so, perhaps we aren't as technologically minded as our US cousins!!
Christmas is just around the corner and here in Brisbane we are looking at a hot stormy one. Recent storms have done a lot of damage to homes in Brisbane, thankfully mine wasn't one of them!! We seem to be going back to our earlier weather patten of Summer storms after many years of hot dry summers. I love storms but not when they destroy people's homes and I guess our spider friends don't like having their webs destroyed either.
I've seen very few spiders around my house this summer and usually I have several large orb weavers blocking my path every night!! I hope they come back!!
I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if I don't get back to here before then!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Spider ID's

Many thanks to Kevin L who has sent in ID's for many of the unidentified spiders going back to March 2006. If you sent in a spider, please check back and see if it is now identified. Thanks again Kevin!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Please don't kill spiders!!

I just had an email that really made me mad. The writer said "needless to say its dead now but when I sprayed the spider" etc and went on to describe a harmless garden orb weaver.

This was my rather irate reply:
"Why needless to say did you spray it? Why do people go around and kill every spider they see? Do you kill every bee or wasp that you see? That spider was a harmless garden orb weaver and very beneficial in keeping down the number of insects in your garden so there was no need at all to kill it!!"

This photo is of a garden orb weaver like the one she killed. There are heaps of them around homes in large orb shaped webs at present and if you have them at your home, please leave them alone!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nice Art work

Alexis has done a great job of painting a lynx spider from the photos on my site and sent it to me. Thanks and well done Alexis!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Great Email

I love the poetic way Gina describes the spider walking on her arm. I wish I was game enough to let a large spider walk on my arm!!

Hi Glen,
I have always been a protector and lover of spiders although I also have great respect for them. Once a year we have a 'Yebbo Goggo' day at the Witwatersrand University here in Johannesburg. The Spider Club of South Africa is always present. Last year I allowed a Rainspider . I think the latin name is Paleistis (housespider) walk over my arm. She was very large - atleast six cm in diameter when she walked and her body about half the size of my thumb. I was stiff with fear BUT I will never forget the experience because I have never ever in my life felt such a beautiful touch. Its like a cloud with definate little touches, walking over you. I will never forget it. No human being, not the wind not even a snowflake can touch you like that. It is indiscribably beautiful.
Thanks for the great website. I belong to Toastmasters and am preparing a speech on spiders with the hope of informing people positively.
Regards Gina

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here's a great shot!!

Here's the sort of photo I was referring to in my last post. You can see all the details in this great shot of a brown recluse and this makes it easy to identify!


Spider Photos

Just a reminder that photos that are sent in for identification need to be clear and light so I can see details like the number of eyes if possible, and the leg pattern, just to mention a few. Many spiders look similar and I'm NOT an expert so can really only identify ones that are easy to recognise. Thanks, glen

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spider Panic in Summer!!

Summer in the US always sees a heap of emails asking for help in getting rid of the spiders that are suddenly inundating people's houses. Here's a few of the tips I give people that may help with their problem:

1. Don't spray - anything that can kill a spider has got to be doing you harm as well! Spiders are one of the hardest to kill creatures through spraying - I have seen redbacks live through it quite happily - so imagine what that stuff is doing to you and your children!
2. Do give the house a good clean - that's why people always do a spring clean I guess. Getting rid of spider webs also gets rid of the egg sac that many spiders leave behind to hatch out in spring so a good clean out helps.
3. Make sure your attic or ceiling is sealed off from the rest of the house. Spiders love living up there and will venture into the house if they can get through cracks or ill fitting light fixtures etc, so fix those gaps!
4. Invest in screens for the doors and windows - they not only stop spiders but insects as well.
5. Teach children about spiders - this is one of the purposes of this website! My 2 year old grandson loves looking at the pictures on spiderzrule but knows not to touch in real life!

Hope this helps, please leave a comment if you have anything more to add or say!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here's one of my favourite photos that has been sent in this year!! This is a crab spider or flower spider sent in by Frank from Melbourne.


Hi All
Welcome to my Spiderzrule Blog! If you'd like to contribute feel free but keep it clean and interesting and I guess about spiders!!
Hear from you soon