Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year for 2014

Looks like we skipped a whole year and for some it seems 2013 was not the best year so a good year to skip. I hope 2014 is everything everyone deserves it to be. Spiderzrule got a facelift during 2013, over 200 pages to recreate with a nice new header but I think it was worth it. I like it and I hope everyone else does too as there are some marvellous shots of spiders there. I will continue to answer every email I receive but am finding it harder to ID spiders for people with photos from mobile phones. I know its handy to take a shot with them but spider ID often needs detail to separate one from another and I won't ID a spider if if I'm not certain. It may mean the difference between a serious bite or not if I advise wrongly as to a spiders potential for harm by identifying it incorrectly!! The Facebook page is also becoming more popular and I try to check it regularly and some other kind people are helping out with ID's from time to time. So keep on viewing and sending them in and most of all developing more of an appreciation of spiders and what they do for our world and their place in it, even if you can't like them!! I still shudder and check my hair for a creepy crawly when I walk through a web even though I know these orb weavers are harmless it is an instinctive behaviour with which we are born I think!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!