Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Zealand and Japan

Wow, Mother Nature is sure unleashing her power on our poor world. First us with our floods, cyclone and inland tsunami, then New Zealand with its earthquake then worst of all - Japan. Such a beautiful country with its 4000 years of history much of which is now washed away!

And of course now threatened by a worse disaster that could affect us globally with its nuclear reactors threatening the lives of those who are left in that area and the possibility of it spreading even further!!

Is 2012 coming a year early??

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Queensland Floods

Happy New Year to all my friends at Spiderzrule. It hasn't been a very happy one here in Queensland with devastating floods taking 20 lives and 12 people still missing over a week later. So many homes completely trashed or just plain wiped away!! It is heartbreaking just to watch, let alone be on of the affected! Luckily I am high on a hill and quite safe and have done my bit to donate to both the Premiers Flood Relief Appeal and the RSPCA whose premises were destroyed in the floods as well. There's a link to the Flood Relief Appeal on Spiderzrule if any of my overseas visitors would care to donate - it would be greatly appreciated!!

A couple of interesting photos are included - in the top one residents returned home to find a cow alive and well on their rooftop and in the second, 2 natural enemies cooperate in a time of crisis with the snake giving the frog a ride through the flood waters!!

Let's hope the rest of 2011 improves greatly!!