Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hi All
Welcome to my Spiderzrule Blog! If you'd like to contribute feel free but keep it clean and interesting and I guess about spiders!!
Hear from you soon

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BigG9900 said...

Hi, I love your website. I stumbled across your site while trying to find some info on a jumping spider I came across in my kitchen on the floor eating a bug. It was black and about the size of a nickel. I captured the spider and let it go outside on a bush.

I simply love spiders. I have a house full of spiders, literally. My wife and I live in N. Mississippi USA. and let the spiders roam freely. Mainly daddy long legs which tend to live high in the corners and little brownish red spiders with black and white markings which live low to the floor and in the window sills. They do a great job of catching many types of insects that get into the house.

Again, you have great website. I will return.