Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spider Panic in Summer!!

Summer in the US always sees a heap of emails asking for help in getting rid of the spiders that are suddenly inundating people's houses. Here's a few of the tips I give people that may help with their problem:

1. Don't spray - anything that can kill a spider has got to be doing you harm as well! Spiders are one of the hardest to kill creatures through spraying - I have seen redbacks live through it quite happily - so imagine what that stuff is doing to you and your children!
2. Do give the house a good clean - that's why people always do a spring clean I guess. Getting rid of spider webs also gets rid of the egg sac that many spiders leave behind to hatch out in spring so a good clean out helps.
3. Make sure your attic or ceiling is sealed off from the rest of the house. Spiders love living up there and will venture into the house if they can get through cracks or ill fitting light fixtures etc, so fix those gaps!
4. Invest in screens for the doors and windows - they not only stop spiders but insects as well.
5. Teach children about spiders - this is one of the purposes of this website! My 2 year old grandson loves looking at the pictures on spiderzrule but knows not to touch in real life!

Hope this helps, please leave a comment if you have anything more to add or say!

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